Clean air.

ALOS combines natural methods of air purification with the most modern engineering and biotechnological solutions, all in a simple and design product. In this way, it not only makes domestic and urban environments more liveable, but also aesthetically pleasing, acting as an air filter and reducing pollution.
Corpo in legno di cirmolo
Swiss Pine chassis
Corpo in legno di cedro
Cedar chassis


Microalgae are microscopic plants, capable of consuming carbon dioxide and producing oxygen – a process commonly known as photosynthesis. Thanks to their rapid growth and their very simple structure, microalgae are able to fixate carbon dioxide with an efficiency up to 50 times higher than land plants. The result is that up to 80% of the oxygen on planet Earth is produced by microalgae.


ALOS exploits photosynthesis to eliminate pollution and produce clean air. Our product is a photobioreactor lamp, containing a tank for microalgae cultivation. These beneficial microorganisms have enormous photosynthetic power: a single ALOS, for example, eliminates as much CO2 as 500 palm trees and produces as much oxygen as 450m3 of forest.
Corpo in legno di noce
Italian Walnut chassis

Innovative technology

Alos is alive and breathing thanks to the microalgae. Our technology eliminates many pollutants including carbon dioxide, which it consumes to produce oxygen.


Sustainable design

ALOS uses recyclable materials. The wood is chosen from a controlled supply chain which only uses plants that are not at risk of extinction, and entirely hand-finished by Italian artisans.


Intelligent control

With our app you can control all your ALOS devices. You can adjust the operative parameters and check the device’s progress comfortably from your smartphone!