Our mission.

This is the time for action. The intense human activity of the last two centuries has brought us dangerously close to the point of no return. Extensive environmental damage, if already serious, risks becoming irreversible: inaction can no longer be condoned. This is the awareness that moves ALOS. Protecting the environment, reducing the impact of current production processes, promoting scientific progress are the imperatives that we have made our own. These are the driving forces at the base of the ideas and commitments that ALOS, in its small way, takes on. ALOS does not want to be the solution. We want to be the example. ALOS aims to develop green strategies that reduce the impact of anthropogenic processes for the benefit of the environment and human health. The team adopts a multidisciplinary approach combining biotechnology, engineering and design in order to develop efficient and low environmental impact

What we do.

In recent decades, scientific research has enabled and accelerated the human race towards progress. We consider ourselves part of this moment, of this extraordinary spirit of change. We are convinced that solutions to today’s problems already exist in nature, and that the key to a better future lies in the ability to recognize and harness them. The future is among us, we live in a world of innovation: we must therefore understand its dynamics and enter a walkable path, leading to the sustainable development of human activities.

ALOS Srl is an innovative micro enterprise developing technologies for environmental protection. Our aim is to protect the environment and public health, through the development of green and innovative solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and the greenhouse effect, the amelioration of the anthropogenic impact on the environment, the improvement of energy efficiency, the reduction of waste, the optimization of production processes, and the protection of natural resources.


The ALOS team begins to work on a furniture/design project able to improve indoor air quality. The first prototype is built.


The ALOS team drafts the first business plan and presents the product at the D2T startcup competition.


After a short hiatus, the team resumes work, perfecting the prototype and redesigning the business plan and business model.


ALOS Srl is founded. The prototype is further strengthened, reaching the market ready product.

Who we are.

Emiliano Gentilini

Chief Executive Officer

Business Manager

Francesco Guzzonato

Chief Technical Officer


Andrea Dal Negro

Chief Design Officer


Claudio Gobber

Chief Networking Officer

Business Developer